Professional Development Award Recipient Stephen Kiyoi describes his experience.

Stephen Kiyoi accepting Professional Development Award from Chair Deborah Lauseng at 2015 LMS Business Meeting.

Stephen Kiyoi accepting Professional Development Award from Chair Deborah Lauseng at 2015 LMS Business Meeting.


Stephen has written up a few words about his experience and use of the Professional Development Award:

Thank you so much to the LMS Section for  the Professional Development Award! I used the funds to support my enrollment in the UCSF MS-HAIL Program in healthcare administration and interprofessional leadership.

As a part of the MS HAIL program, I led patient engagement efforts for MYSFHEALTH, the new patient portal for the San Francisco Health Network (SFHN).  This involved operational responsibility for patient portal enrollment across 12 sites, development of multilingual educational materials, and liaisoning between patients, the SFHN IT department, and the patient portal vendor. To date, we have enrolled more than 3,000 patients in MYSFHEALTH, and we ultimately hope to enroll all of the SFHN’s 70,000 patients.

Our team was recently awarded a 3 year, $300,000 NLM Information Resource Grant to Reduce Health Disparities. This grant will fund half my time to partner with UCSF Providers, the San Francisco Public Library, and the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations to develop a comprehensive digital and health literacy program, centered around MYSFHEALTH.

Again, I want to thank everyone in LMS for supporting my enrollment in the UCSF MS HAIL program, and my work with MYSFHEALTH!

Contributed by Stephen Kiyoi



Agenda for LMS Business Meeting Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Leadership and Management Section – Annual Business Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 – 4:30-4:55 p.m.
Hilton Austin, Fourth Floor, 404

Call to Order…..Deborah Lauseng
Review and Approval of 2014 Minutes…..Mary Shultz

Officer and Committee Reports

Chair, Treasurer
Listserv Manager
Section Council
Award Committee
Communications & Social Media
MLA Continuing Education Liaison
MLA Rising Stars Liaison
2015 Program Planning

Old Business
Further follow-up from 2013 LMS Membership Survey “Improving Engagement”

New Business
Action Items from Reports…..Deborah Lauseng
MLA Platform for Website…..Nancy H. Tannery
MLA 2016 LMS Program Planning…..Nancy H. Tannery

Other Business

Recognition of LMS Professional Development Award Recipient – Steven Kiyoi…..Deborah Lauseng
Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Committee Chairs, Committee Members…..Deborah Lauseng

Passing the Gavel….Deborah Lauseng, Outgoing Chair to Nancy T. Tannery, Incoming Chair



LMS Business Meeting Minutes from Chicago Conference May 20th, 2014

Leadership and Management Section
Annual Business Meeting
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
4:30 – 5:55 p.m.
Hong Kong Room (Gold Level, West Tower)

Executive Committee and Committee Chairs Present: Jim Curtis, Deborah Lauseng, Joe Swanson, Jr., Nancy Tannery, Teresa L. Knott, Christina Pope, Fran Allegri, Stewart Brower, Helen-Ann Brown Epstein

Absent: Michael Fitts, Brenda Linares

Quorum established.

Call to Order Jim Curtis

Agenda Review
A motion was made, seconded, and approved to add an agenda item to New Business: Report on Futures Task Force by Christina Pope.

Review & Approve 2013 Minutes Fran Allegri
A motion was made, seconded and minutes were approved

Chair’s Report Jim Curtis
Jim’s report as Chair includes the annual report to MLA, which was emailed to the section listserv. That report will be added to the section website. He wrote two articles for MLA NEWS, and passed along information as needed. He reported that the section donated a Samsung Chromebook to the Silent Auction. Jim thanked Joe Swanson for obtaining and submitting it for the Section. Jim noted that there were several pages of bidding and it raised a good amount.

The section donated $500 toward the Ysabel Bertolucci MLA Annual Meeting Grant Fund. A report on programming and ways to involve more members appear as later items on the agenda.

Treasurer’s Report Joe Swanson, Jr.
Joe reported that the section beginning balance was at $16,049.08 with $2,270.10 in income and $770.31 in expenses. The current balance stands at $17,548.87. Some expenses from the annual meeting are still outstanding. He suggested the section think about what to do with funds next year.

Listserv Manager Stewart Brower
Stewart reported on the section listserv. At some point, it needs to be refreshed and we should do that at least once a year. This involves removing expired memberships and adding new ones. Stewart also maintains the section’s Executive Committee listserv.
The Section’s Rising Star, Linda Pauls, needs to be added and Helen-Ann will get her to send a request to Stewart at stew@ou.edu.

Section Council Report Teresa Knott/Jim Curtis
Jim and Teresa attended the Section Council meeting and Teresa gave a report.

The Ysabel Bertolucci MLA Annual Meeting Grant Fund was established to honor Ms. Bertolucci, who died suddenly in her first year of section council service. The fund is $4,500 short of the amount needed to endow. When that is accomplished, $1,000 grant to cover annual meeting costs will become available. Sections were encouraged to contribute to the fund and LMS gave $500.

Sandy Degroot is Section Council nominating committee representative.
The Council has been encouraging new voices such as providing a small stipend to recent graduates to present research. A Latino SIG has been established, noting Brenda’s leadership role in that effort. Systematic reviews and interprofessional education are on track to be new SIGs. Council is adding a community section of MLANET for more interaction.

Council suggested establishing a retention policy for MLANET. They support expanding MLA activities throughout the year.

Linda Walton asked sections to update their missions and names, if no longer meaningful. Other activities of interest are programs for recruitment and retention, engaging retirees/emeritus section members, joint meetings of section and chapter councils, updating mentor profiles, joining as mentors. New members can be mentors, as well.

Bylaws Committee Cristina Pope
There were no changes to the model bylaws, so we in compliance.

Communications & Social Media Committee Brenda Linares
Jim reported for Brenda. He will present more on committees in new business part of the agenda.

One of this committee’s duties is the website. It needs a lot of work after move from UAB to MLA and then to WordPress. Jim met with Brenda and she has submitted a plan for updating the web site. This is a committee of one at this point and it is too much for one person to do all the communications the section desires.

The section has a Facebook presence, LinkedIn and Twitter. Brenda and Teresa post frequently to these and have built up over 90 friends on FB.
The Section is looking for volunteers to help with communications. Please contact Brenda. Jim invited all to join the social media sites and contribute. We hope to see considerable improvement in the web site this year.

Membership Committee Michael Fitts (absent)
Teresa, Jim and others noted the following:
Membership in 2013 was 285; membership in 2014 was 258. These memberships include free ones when new members join MLA. Historical issue for this section is the perception that one must already be in a leadership position. We need to do more to encourage those who aspire to be leaders, encourage involvement early on, and communicate that project management, leading yourself, leading at various levels of an organization are skills the Section helps build. This has been something Helen-Ann has helped foster in her role with section strategic planning.

Nominating Committee Teresa Knott
The following are the individuals elected for 2014-2015. Their terms begin at the end of this week.
Section Chair Elect: Nancy H. Tannery
Secretary: Mary Shultz
Treasurer: Mary Piorun
MLA Nominating Committee Nominee: Pamela S. Bradigan

2014 Program Committee Deborah Lauseng
Deborah mentioned that she hoped all had attended one or both section sponsored programs. We also helped co-sponsor programs. She thanked Helen-Ann, Stella Seal (for moderating Building Capacity for Sustainable Innovation), Anna Cleveland, Carolyn Stall, Cynthia Robinson (for moderating Innovation and Leadership in Health Sciences Education: Scholarship and Publishing), Marlene Porter, Olivia ???, Jonathan ???.

Building Capacity for Sustainable Innovation – headcount of 95 plus those coming and going.
Leading the Way in Assessing Our Value – with Hospital Libraries Section – headcount of 90 at its peak
Innovation and Leadership in Health Sciences Education: Scholarship and Publishing- with EMTS and Librarians in the Curriculum SIG: headcount of 65

Deborah encouraged all to respond to Nancy Tannery’s call for help with 2015 programs – it’s a great way to get involved, great to see outcomes. She gave a hats off to all for successful program year. While one of the biggest jobs it has the biggest benefits.

Old Business
Follow up discussion of membership survey, Teresa L. Knott/Deborah Lauseng
focus groups, and other ideas for engaging
and serving members

Last year, the section did a survey of meeting attendees and, later, a survey of the whole membership. We asked how the section could improve engagement with members. Teresa and Deborah compiled a handout of top results. Deborah, noted that, as we go forward, there is not a lot of statistical difference between these top results. They asked for comments from the group:
do we have any award or grant to come to MLA? LMS did this one time for the meeting in Hawaii
financial assistance and an application process
some of the suggestions are very achievable; however, an advice column = lot of work, might start well and drop off
lot of good advice already
maybe have more discussion – use listerv for that? some sections – I need help with, combine with more seasoned mentoring
some easier to implement, e.g., brief profiles of members, those willing to offer advice; there is the MLA mentoring database; if sensitive issue comes up people can contact each other privately
do we have a directory? An annotated directory? A section roster? I don’t think you can search mentor database for LMS; how keep lists from being spammed
MLANET community – discussion forum planned – perhaps segment by section? could do this on LinkedIn, i.e., a closed group? challenge is openness
Is this two ideas?
general advice during the year
chair appoints a leadership@ address person – that person to find someone to answer a question, give advice; not limited to executive committee members, could be self-identified
coordinator to post and ask anonymously? important to know who is giving advice
rapport development is important

Three of the top results are focused on awards (continue education, scholarships, professional recognition) – perhaps one to cover all three?
other groups have programs like these, Hospital Library Section has strong travel grant, development award, professional recognition awards (non-monetary)
another group offers CE scholarships
section awards – how make award sustainable?
not tuition?
if you design award, will need to recuse yourself from judging

Deborah noted having strong interest in one or two financial awards. She will set up a working group or task force to investigate possibility of awards as indicated by the results of the survey. The group would make a proposal that could be approved in time for next year’s meeting.

An attendee asked if there were any updates from MLA about features of the mentoring program and who is managing it. Possible to suggest adding features to accommodate the advice management part of mentoring. Chapter and section functions will be added. Teresa will check. The technology advisory committee chair of section council, headed by Melissa Ratajeski, is actively promoting functionality.

A suggestion was made that award winners provide lightning talks – awardees prepare a brief report at the business meeting. If they are not at MLA, submit a report. This can be something the task force considers.
Deborah Lauseng made a motion to create a group to investigate the possibility of awards as indicated by the results of the membership survey and to make recommendation to the Executive Board. Motion was seconded and approved. She will call for volunteers in next two weeks.

New Business

Strategic Planning: What to do about it? Helen-Ann Brown Epstein

Christina mentioned that the Futures Task Force will be the next agenda item. The Executive Committee discussed how the Futures TF work relates to the section’s strategic planning position. Helen-Ann presented that when this section became LMS, initially it had a strategic plan coordinator. The purpose was to plan further ahead, be able to pitch ideas. For example, working ahead with the National Program Committees to find out future themes, put these themes out to the membership, brainstorm topics and format, and present these for discussion and votes. She has been doing this over time; now, broad themes work for contributed papers sessions, especially, and she feels this coordination is not necessary anymore; or it is time for someone else to take this role over. Putting this strategic planning with the Futures Task Force is her recommendation. We don’t need the existing position for the purpose for which it was established. She thanked those present and said it’s been a “ton of fun.”

Futures Task Force Christina Pope
Christina is representing section council on the Futures Task Force. She reported that the Futures Task Force open forum had several LMS members in attendance. She stressed that “blowing up sections” is not the purpose of this work. The TF was charged by Jane Blumenthal, MLA President, to make recommendations to be a growing, vibrant, organization that can move into future; resolve concerns of members and executive team.

There has been a slow downward trend in membership. There is a lot of bureaucracy and barriers to being responsive, e.g., nominating committee process. Another example is the 3-5 years it takes to create a SIG or a Section. While the annual meeting’s primary benefit is networking, we need to make the meeting more networking vs business of the organization.

The TF will make recommendations to the MLA board in October. The TF will use the open forum, tweeting, to continue work over the summer to polish recommendations. The Board will ask groups to implement ideas but we probably won’t hear about that until December. The sooner ideas are submitted, the more likely they will be considered.

Christina recommended that someone represent LMS and be part of these conversations to direct how we would like our work to be done in the future, and how we would like MLA to be organized. This person could work to engage LMS members in discussing what structure, what help we need to be leaders, what do we want from our home professional association. Discuss what are the MLA professional domains (6) to target and recommend groups what organization and governance would be effective, e.g., working groups, communities of interest, additional positions at MLA headquarters, or other suggestions.

It is important to identify a person and form a grassroots effort within this section to communicate with the Task Force soon. She guessed that the TF might ask each section or section council to provide representatives to work with. It would be good to have section members on implementation groups. We can be in a position to lead, and influence; it is a chance to make big changes to better MLA.

Cynthia Henderson volunteered to be in touch with Executive Committee, Immediate Past Chair, Jim, and Section Council representative. Christina also provide her email to carry on discussion popec@upstate.edu

LMS membership for Rising Star Helen-Ann Brown Epstein
Hospital Libraries Section decided to give Linda Palls, their Section Rising Star, a complimentary membership. She suggested that LMS may want to do this for its Rising Star.
A motion to extend one-year annual membership in LMS to all rising stars was made, seconded, and approved.

Committees: Chairs and Membership Jim Curtis
Jim asked the group, “How can we improve performance?” Our program committee, bylaws, and nominating committee work well. How can we get other committees to become as successful?
One need seems to be getting other members to help, e.g., communications committee activities. He and Deborah will be working with the Executive Committee and committee chairs to identify terms of office, and extend appointments according to bylaws. Another area of work is asking for annual reports from chairs.

2015 Program Planning Nancy Tannery
Nancy thaned Helen-Ann for her good counsel on this. The annual meeting theme is quite broad. Her committee is meeting tomorrow and will be considering an invited speaker as an option.

Other business

Jim announced that the University of North Carolina Health Sciences Library Director position will be announced later this summer. He does not intend to apply and encourages applications. He has drafts of the position announcement with him.

Christina mentioned an open Assistant Director of Public Services (access and reference) at Syracuse, NY, which is a reactivated search.

Jim passed the baton to Deborah and she thanked him for his service and looked forward to working with him as Immediate Past Chair. This position is a voting representative on Section Council. Jim also thanked outgoing Board members, Teresa, Joe, and Fran.


Respectfully submitted,
Francesca Allegri, Secretary


LMS Programs – MLA 2015 Austin, Tx

No Limits on Leadership

Monday May 18 - 10:30am -11:55am - Austin Convention Center, 18C

Early Career Librarians of Color: Getting Hired and Thriving as New Librarians in Academia

Nancy Olmos, Head, Metadata & Content Management , University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Leadership in Professional Development: Growing as a Leader in Graduate Education

Jackie Wirz, Director, Professional Development Center | Research Data Specialist, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Decade of Innovative Library Transformation

Stevo Roksandic, Regional Director, Mount Carmel Health System, Columbus, Ohio


Limitless Leaders in Our Institutions

Monday May 18 - 3:00pm – 4:25pm - Austin Convention Center, 18C

Difficult Conversations: Strategies to Make Sure They Enhance Rather than Ruin Your Leadership

Madeline M. Maxwell, Professor of Communication Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas

Everyone has difficult conversations.  They are an important part of leadership and handling them well is crucial to your success.  It is shockingly easy to ruin past success by failing (or avoiding) the difficult conversations.  Never fear.  There is help available.  We do know some things that work or increase the likelihood of strengthening the workplace by handling such difficult conversations well.  This fun (and sometimes scary) presentation will share some of that knowledge with you.

Panel Discussion-

Donna R. Berryman: Senior Associate Director, Medical Center Libraries & Technologies, University of Rochester Medical Center, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York

Laura K. Cousineau: Director / Instructor, Dartmouth College / Geisel School of Medicine, Hanover , New Hampshire

Cynthia K. Robinson, AHIP: Director, George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library, Penn State Hershey, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, Pennsylvania


And Don’t Forget…..

Leadership & Management Section (LMS) Annual Business Meeting: All are welcome!

- Tuesday, May 19 from 4:30 – 5:55 p.m., Austin Hilton Hotel, room 404.

A meeting agenda will be available in early May.

More information about the MLA Annual Meeting can be found here;  http://www.eventscribe.com/2015/MLA/


Announcing – LMS Professional Development Award Recipient – Stephen Kiyoi

The LMS Award Committee and the LMS Executive Board are pleased to announce that Stephen Kiyoi, Library Director, UCSF at San Francisco General Hospital, has been selected as the inaugural Professional Development Award recipient.  Kiyoi’s application and letter of support focused on the Administrative Practicum Course he is currently enrolled in as part of his master’s program in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership.  He is already applying the coursework as evidenced by his lead of an interdisciplinary team within the hospital to engage patients in the hospital’s patient portal system.  At the LMS Annual Business meeting (May 19 at 4:30 p.m., Austin Hilton, room 404),  the Section will be acknowledging Kiyoi’s receipt of the Professional Development Award of $1,500, as well a receiving a report from him on what he has gained from this leadership growth opportunity.

Please join us in congratulating Stephen Kiyoi!


Annual Business Meeting

Leadership & Management Section (LMS) Annual Business Meeting: All are welcome!

- Tuesday, May 19 from 4:30 – 5:55 p.m., Austin Hilton Hotel, room 404.

A meeting agenda will be available in early May.


New LMS Professional Development Award

Apply for MLA Leadership & Management Section Professional Development Award – “Extended Deadline February 16, 2015″

The Leadership & Management Section (LMS) is pleased to invite applications from eligible LMS members for a new award providing a single recipient up to $1,500 toward leadership skills development through appropriate educational activities. The award is available to LMS members that have maintained membership for at least on one year and may be used for registration, travel, and lodging for an approved educational event.

Applications must be received by February 16, 2015 (extended deadline) and include:

  • Name, title, institution, address
  • Date joined LMS
  • Proposed leadership program or CE (full name, sponsoring organization, date(s) of program, description of the program with link to program web page)
  • Program fees, expected travel expenses


  • Letter of application to include:

1)      How the leadership program will support the applicant’s overall career goals

2)      The applicant’s specific learning and career objectives for the program

3)      How the applicant plans to apply course content in his/her current job, future career, and/or service to MLA.


  • Applicant’s CV
  • Letter of Support from supervisor/director to include:

1)      How the program will make the applicant more effective in his/her current role OR how the program will prepare the applicant for a new role in the current organization

2)      A general assessment of the applicant’s ability to benefit from the program

3)      A statement indicating whether/how the applicant will be given opportunities in the current organization to use the skills learned

Email application to:

Deborah Lauseng: dlauseng@umich.edu

All applications will be reviewed and the recipient selected by the LMS Award Committee. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by February 5, 2015.


Now accepting papers and posters for MLA 2015!

Submit Abstracts for Papers & Posters for MLA 2015 Librarians Without Limits

Deadline for abstract submission by authors is Monday, November 3rd.

Leadership and Management section sponsored programs–

Title: No Limits on Leadership Opportunities

Section program: 17

Cosponsors: Hospital Libraries Section, Corporate Information Services Section, Public Services Section, Molecular Biology and Genomics SIG

Program contact: Nancy Tannery

Program format: Contributed

Title: Limitless Leaders in Our Institutions

Section program: 16

Program contact: Nancy Tannery

Program format: Invited

Leadership and Management section co-sponsored programs-

Health Association Libraries Section

Title: Librarians, Evidence, and Systematic Reviews: Limitless Possibilities

Section program: 12

Cosponsors: Health Disparities SIG, Clinical Librarians and Evidence-Based Health Care SIG, Research Section, Cancer Librarians Section, Leadership and Management Section

Program contact: Susan Bolda Marshall

Program format: Contributed

More information about section themes-




MLA 2014 Programming

MLA 2014 Programming 

Building Capacity for Sustainable Innovation (contributed papers)
Monday, May 19th from 10:30 to 11:55 a.m., Location: Columbus U, Gold Level, East Tower
Cosponsors: Hospital Libraries Section, Medical Library Education Section, New Members SIG
Description: Libraries are constantly examining and assessing how best to improve internal efficiency and facilitate external partnerships to sustain innovations in their services and staffing. Through this program, librarians will share their knowledge and information regarding new roles for library personnel and organizational changes that they have experienced while they remain responsive and innovative, even in the midst of issues related to physical space, library collections, and budget allocations.

Innovation and Leadership in Health Sciences Education: Scholarship and Publishing (contributed papers)
Monday, May 19th from 2:00 to 3:25 p.m., Location: Columbus U, Gold Level, East Tower
Cosponsors: Educational Media and Technologies Section, Libraries in Curriculum SIG
Program format: Contributed papers
Description: Librarians contribute to and collaborate on scholarship in fields beyond the realm of information sciences. Through this session, librarians will share their experiences with scholarship and publication in health sciences education, particularly those that involve innovations and leadership initiatives in educational leadership, library partnerships, curriculum standards, educational assessment, and educational technologies.

“Leading the Way in Assessing our Value” (contributed papers)                       Monday, May 19th from 10:30 to 11:55 a.m., Location: Regency A, Gold Level, West Tower
Lead Sponsor: Hospital Libraries Section
Description: Value assessment is an important first step, but now we need to use our data to promote our libraries. How have you utilized data from library value studies, return-on-investment, or other evidence-based library research projects to improve services and support patient-centered care? Have you used data successfully to develop administrative and/or fiscal support for enhanced library programs? Where does your library fit in with the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute or Affordable Care Act? Is your library an integral part of the electronic health record? Tell us how you have used data to support your library and the mission of your medical center.